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Phone Coaching Package — 8 Sessions


Have your dating questions answered by one of the world’s top dating coaches.



Why should you choose phone coaching?

  • Phone coaching can be done from anywhere in the world.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s individualized and personal.
  • You don’t have to take off work and fly (or move) to New York.
  • You can easily fit phone coaching into your schedule.

How does phone coaching work?

Once you sign up for phone coaching, we schedule the first call so we can get to know you.

On the first phone call, you’ll discuss your situation and your goals, and your coach will help you determine where you’re getting stuck.

Next, they’ll teach your proven strategies that will help you get immediate results.

Finally, they’ll give you homework for the week, to be reviewed on the next call.

Phone coaching details…

Questions – The student emails his coach his questions for the week 24 hours before the session.

The Call – The coach addresses each of the written questions, and talks though them with the client, addressing other questions as they come up.

After – The coach emails the client with the week’s plan, giving the client a roadmap with specific steps to help him get through his current set of challenges.

Time – Calls are between 40-45 minutes each. This gives our coaches enough time understand your situation and goals, cover your individualized lesson, and assign you actionable steps for homework.

Duration –  Phone coaching programs usually last 8-12 weeks.

Changes – Most students start noticing changes the first week of phone coaching, while they’re doing the exercises assigned to them for homework.

Available Phone Coaching Programs:

(8 sessions) – $1,200

Do you have additional questions ?

Contact: or call (646) 552-1116 (Office open Mon. through Fri. 12pm to 8pm E.S.T.)

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