Mastering the Gentlemanly Arts - with Kyle Ingham

Mastering the Gentlemanly Arts – with Kyle Ingham

Guest Introduction:

Kyle Ingham is the founder of The Distilled Man, a website that provides practical tips on social mastery, self-development, and the gentlemanly arts.

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Kyle starts by discussing his background and what inspired him to create The Distilled Man. He gives examples of tactical skills associated with being a well-rounded man, and explains how they act as a social bridge. Kyle then talks about recognizing gaps in his manly confidence, and shares the biggest lessons that he learned through the process of becoming a more well-rounded man. He also offers advice for developing social mastery, including increasing social confidence, building positive friendships, and developing charisma.

Next, Kyle discusses some of the similarities and differences between making male friends and approaching women. He explains how false beliefs and self-judgement hold us back from developing friendships with other men. Chris shares his insights on how he sees these issues come up in his coaching and the men’s groups that he’s involved with. Kyle then offers advice for creating close friendships. Chris also talks about the process of developing deep connection and how rituals come into play. Kyle reinforces the importance of rituals in building and maintaining friendships.

Chris and Kyle provide a number of examples of rituals that they partake in, and Kyle offers advice for creating simple and sustainable rituals. He then talks about how to cultivate inner game, find more inspiration, and improve our mindsets. He emphasizes the importance of taking action even when we don’t feel ready. Kyle also shares recommendations for building and refining good habits. Finally, he expands on what it means to be a gentleman, and goes into detail on the most important gentlemanly skills. He leaves us with practical tips for small talk and extracting ourselves from conversations.

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