Mindset, Charisma, and Influence - with Owen Fitzpatrick

Mindset, Charisma, and Influence – with Owen Fitzpatrick

Guest Introduction:

Owen Fitzpatrick is an international best selling author, globetrotting psychologist, trainer, and speaker who is regarded as a leading expert on Influence. He has authored and co-authored several books, including “How to Take Charge of Your Life: The User’s Guide to NLP” and “The Charismatic Edge: The Art of Captivating and Compelling Communication.”

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Owen first describes NLP and how he uses it in his work. He explains how to use NLP to reprogram our visualizations and internal dialogue, as well as communicate with and impact others more effectively. He goes into detail on the various factors that affect the way we feel, including our thoughts, self-talk, physiology, and body budget. Owen talks about how we filter the world through our beliefs. He also offers strategies for becoming aware of and changing limiting beliefs and shifting into more of a growth mindset.

Owen then gives examples of questions we can ask ourselves to identify obstacles and poke holes in our limiting beliefs. He shares some additional insights on NLP and then talks about the other tools he uses in his work. Owen walks us through the process of restructuring our narratives in order to transition from a victim to a hero. He explains how we either change our reality to fit our beliefs or change our beliefs to fit our reality. Chris and Owen also share their thoughts on the relationship between our narratives and skill sets.

Next, Owen talks about positive psychology and the difference between happiness and meaning. He offers strategies for increasing happiness and finding more meaning in our lives. He also discusses the importance of having the ability to be cynical about life while also being optimistic about the future. Owen then expands on the idea of anti-fragility, and offers insights for walking ourselves out of a fragile state. Chris shares two stories of people who went through traumatic experiences, and Owen explains how he’d work through those issues.

Owen goes on to discuss the benefits of mindfulness practice. He describes the three main mindfulness techniques: observing our body, our thoughts, and our environment. He then talks about social awareness and explains how to recognize congruence and body language clusters. Owen also talks about relationship management, and gives examples of questions to ask to learn more about other people. He briefly discusses how he uses cognitive behavioral therapy in his work.

Finally, Owen reveals the essential elements of charisma. He expands on what it means to be more authentic and expressive. He offers strategies for becoming more expressive, and gives some examples. Owen then discusses how to master the art of persuasion and influence. He goes into detail on the three aspects of influence and persuasion: the source of the message, the audience, and the message itself. He leaves us with advice for increasing our influence, having a greater impact, and becoming more of a leader within our social circle.

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