Adventure and Community Building - with Jon Levy

Adventure and Community Building – with Jon Levy

Guest Introduction:

Jon Levy is a behavior scientist, consultant, writer, and keynote speaker best known for his work in the fields of influence, networking, and adventure. He is the founder of The Influencers Dinner and The Salon, and the author of “The 2AM Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure.”

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Jon first provides a detailed definition of adventure, and then walks us through the four stage process that all adventurous experiences follow. He emphasizes the importance of finding the right group of people, exploring a novel environment, and setting goals or constraints on our behavior. Jon also talks about how to push boundaries and increase the emotional value of the environment that we’re in. He gives a number of examples and shares some of the crazy adventures that he’s experienced.

Jon then explains how the scope of our lives are directly proportional to our willingness to be uncomfortable. He discusses the benefits of adventure, as well as the biggest mistakes people make when pursuing adventure. He also describes what the peak-end rule is, and how to recognize when to end an adventure at the right time. We then shift gears and ask Jon about his work on influence and community building. He reveals the two factors that are key to achieving anything in life.

Jon talks about creating The Influencers Dinner, and shares some of the interesting experiences and conversations from these events. He discusses the main elements for building great community, from big picture ideas to specific details. Chris explores some of the community ideas he’s been developing recently. Jon also gives examples of important questions to ask ourselves before starting a community. He talks about some of his favorite communities, and reveals what makes them so strong and successful.

Finally, Jon offers recommendations for those who want to build a circle of their people. He also gives examples of possible groups to start, and talks about a group he recently started to help marginalized communities. Jon and Chris then discuss some of the organizations that they’re involved with, and what they’ve learned from these experiences. Jon leaves us with some insights on letting go of self-consciousness and focusing our energy on fun and productive activities.

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