Body Language and Behavioral Patterns - with Chase Hughes

Body Language and Behavioral Patterns – with Chase Hughes

Guest Introduction:

Chase Hughes is an author and speaker on behavior analysis, body language and behavior engineering. He founded Ellipsis Behavior Laboratories in 2011 and is the creator of the Behavioral Table of Elements. Chase frequently develops new programs for the US Government and offers his skills in training members of anti-human trafficking teams around the world. He is also the author of the best-selling book, “The Ellipsis Manual: Analysis and Engineering of Human Behavior.”

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Chase begins by explaining how someone can get better at reading the behavior and body language of others. He describes a number of behavioral cues that signify interest and disinterest, specifically in regards to attraction. Chase then talks about why trust is so important in the courtship process, and reveals common signals of trust. He also explains how to tell when someone is becoming less interested.

Next, we ask Chase how people can mitigate anxiety and stop giving off mixed messages. He discusses where anxiety comes from, and offers strategies for opening up our body language. He then outlines the five character traits that create obedience and followership in others: confidence, discipline, leadership, gratitude, and enjoyment. Chase explains how microgestures influence the internal feelings of people that we’re interacting with. He also discusses the authority self-assessment matrix and how to use it to rate our level of influence.

Chase goes into more detail on the five character traits. First, he describes what confidence entails, and discusses the typical qualities and behavior of a person with “Level 5” confidence. Then he talks about discipline and explains how we can be both a butler and a disciplinarian for ourselves. We also ask Chase for some tips on goal setting. Next, he describes leadership, and shares advice on how to develop leadership skills. Finally, he discusses gratitude and enjoyment, and explains how to start embodying these qualities in our day to day lives.

Chase then talks about composure and how it affects persuasion. He describes a couple of psychological experiments that demonstrate how humans are hardwired to obey authority. He explains why slowness of movement is a great indicator of composure. Chase also discusses how authority creates trust, and why trust is the ultimate aphrodisiac. He offers a number of strategies for connecting more deeply with others, as well as how to communicate this effectively.

Finally, Chase discusses the role that charisma plays in building connections. We ask him what human needs people crave, and how we can use this knowledge to improve our social interactions. He talks about how people always seek one of the three main needs: appreciation, approval, or acceptance. Chase emphasizes the importance of making the other person feel significant and treating them as they want to be seen. He leaves us with some tips on how to overcome social masking and get people to behave more authentically.

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