Clarity, Vision, and Mentorship - with Scott Schimmel

Clarity, Vision, and Mentorship – with Scott Schimmel

Guest Introduction:

Scott Schimmel is the President & Chief Guide at YouSchool, a business dedicated to helping people discover themselves and build a plan for their future. YouSchool has developed developed a reputation for helping people to find, define, and unleash their true selves.

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Scott begins by revealing the common themes that he’s found among today’s young adults, and why this inspired him to start YouSchool. We ask Scott how we can recognize if our life is out of alignment. He walks us through the six life questions that all YouSchool students address when they start the program. He describes the process that helps people gain clarity, which includes a lot of introspection and consulting with a trusted figure.

Next, Scott goes more in depth on the YouSchool process. He shares an inspiring story of a YouSchool student who completely transformed his life. Scott offers advice for people who have ambitious goals, but they seem out of reach or unattainable at the moment. He talks about the importance of having courage, seeking help from advisors, visualizing, and defining actionable goals. We ask him how someone can deal with people who try to hold them back from their dreams or get them to conform.

Scott then discusses how someone can develop the vision to imagine new possibilities. He emphasizes taking initiative and meeting new mentors. He offers advice on how to seek out and develop mentor relationships and opportunities, particularly for those who are shy or introverted. Finally, Scott talks about some of the qualities that make a great advisor or mentor. He also explains how to properly utilize mentorship in order to get the most out of it.

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