Healing, Growth, and Connection - with Keith Mitchell

Healing, Growth, and Connection – with Keith Mitchell

Guest Introduction:

Keith Mitchell is a former All-Pro NFL football player turned Yogi. As a motivational mindfulness coach and holistic health and fitness advocate, he is committed to providing purposeful holistic tools that help others achieve optimal health, peace, and aliveness to the fullest degree.

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Keith first discusses his background, playing in the NFL, and then suffering a spinal injury that ended his career. He explains how learning conscious breathing and meditation helped him recover. He also talks about the importance of forgiving oneself and cultivating self-care and self-love. Keith then discusses why letting go of past trauma and improving our relationship with ourselves is key to finding meaningful connection. He walks us through the process of how he healed himself and became more emotionally open.

Next, Chris talks about how a lot of men have a tough time feeling and articulating their emotions. He also shares his experience going through a connection exercise at Keith’s workshop at Wellspring. Keith explains how it helps us look beyond the package and see where the substance is. He expands on the idea of masculine and feminine dynamics, and how it relates to connection and intimacy. Keith then talks about how to ground our energy by adding intention to it, and gives some examples of intentions.

Finally, Keith discusses the importance of nutrition and herbalism. He explains how supplying ourselves with optimal fuel allows the body and mind to function at their highest levels. He also reveals some of the mentors who have most impacted and inspired him on his healing journey, and what he learned from them. Keith then shares his insights on the current state of masculinity and femininity in our culture, and how this dynamic needs to change. He explains how to become more human in order to connect more deeply with ourselves and others.

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