Overcoming Anxiety - with Tim JP Collins

Overcoming Anxiety – with Tim JP Collins

Guest Introduction:

Tim JP Collins is a speaker, coach, and the host of The Anxiety Podcast. Drawing from his own personal experience, he provides coaching, education, accountability, and peer support to help people overcome anxiety and reclaim their lives.

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Tim first shares a story about having a panic attack during a work presentation. He talks about how this led to a major meltdown in his life, where he started questioning everything, and even contemplated suicide. He then discusses why anxiety is a sign that your life is out of alignment, and gives some examples of how dysfunction can manifest.

Tim goes on to talk about the tools he discovered to help overcome his anxiety. He emphasizes the importance of diet and exercise, and describes the specific changes that he made. He also discusses some of the major life changes he made, including quitting his job and moving across the country. Tim then reveals some of the common underlying issues that fuel anxiety. He talks about how self-criticism, resistance, and avoidance make anxiety more intense.

Next, Tim discusses why acknowledging, accepting, feeling, and sharing your anxiety is the key to overcoming it. Chris offers his insights on sharing our feelings with others, and talks about how some people reciprocate, while others close off. Tim cautions against oversharing, and expands on the idea of respectfully sharing with the right intensity, intent, and articulation. He also talks about how vulnerability deepens our relationships.

We ask Tim how to deal with people who are emotionally shut down, and he offers advice on finding the right people to share with. Chris talks about some of the groups and organizations that he’s been involved with, and how he’s benefited from them. Tim then describes his first experience attending a retreat, as well as starting his own retreat for people in his community.

Finally, Tim discusses how his work and healing journey has changed him since his meltdown. He shares his gratitude, and talks about the moving messages that he receives from people he helps. He then goes into detail on the diet, exercise, and lifestyle practices that he’s used to overcome anxiety. Tim explains how he intentionally picks the people that he surrounds himself with. He also offers insights on developing organic confidence and resilience.

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