Intuition, Self-Love, and Fulfillment - with Suzanne Eder

Intuition, Self-Love, and Fulfillment – with Suzanne Eder

Guest Introduction:

Suzanne Eder is an award-winning writer, teacher, healer, and personal guide with over 15 years of experience helping clients to develop self-love and learn how to listen to and act on their intuition. She authors a monthly column in Living Well Magazine, and she is the author of the book, 10 Ways to Find Peace Rather Than Panic When the World Has Gone a Little Crazy.”

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Suzanne first talks about her background and what inspired her to get into energy healing and wellness. She discusses some of the most important concepts that she learned from her education at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Suzanne explains how our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intentions create our experience. She also gives some examples of how she has seen this manifest in her life.

We ask Suzanne how someone can differentiate between their soul’s true longings and needs that might originate from external or societal influences. Chris and Suzanne also talk about how our desires tend to evolve and change over time. Suzanne offers advice on finding our calling and moving towards greater fulfillment. She then shares a story to illustrate how her work has impacted the lives of her clients. 

Next, Suzanne discusses how we can create space to develop awareness and connect with our intuition. She goes into detail on how to set intentions, and offers effective strategies for connecting with our intuition, including meditation, mindful movement, and journaling. Suzanne also guides us through a simple meditation from the Institute of Heartmath. She then gives examples of open-ended questions to ask ourselves when journaling.

Suzanne explains how to practice being an advocate for ourselves and build energetic momentum towards what we want. She talks about how building momentum not only generates ideas in our minds, but attracts opportunities right to us. Suzanne gives an example of this from her own life. She then expands on the concept of vibrational mix, and what causes us to feel conflicting thoughts and emotions.

Next, we ask Suzanne how somebody can recognize that they’re feeling an irrational fear. She explains where fears originate from, as well as why we tend to attract what we fear. Suzanne emphasizes the importance of developing a sense of self-worth and strengthening our relationship with ourselves before building a relationship with someone else. She reveals common signs that we need more self-love, and talks about how to cultivate it.

Suzanne goes on to discuss how identify and challenge limiting beliefs. She also explains how to become mindful of our self-talk and disengage from fears, doubts, and judgements. Finally, Suzanne discusses how beliefs and intentions impact the way we show up in the world, and provides examples. She talks about why it’s important to continually create emotional and psychological space in order to stay in touch with our intuition. 

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