Making it look natural - Craft of Charisma podcast with Dave Perrotta

Making it Look Natural – with Dave Perrotta

Dave Perrotta may not have been a natural with women, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that by watching him. According to his blog, PostGradCasanova, he didn’t hug a girl until the 10th grade, and the first girl he kissed said he was “one hell of a bad kisser.” More recently, he’s been featured on Simple Pickup’s Project Go!, approaching and doing live pickups of some very attractive women.

In this interview, we ask Dave how he keeps his conversations organic and natural, and how he uses teasing, humor, and touch in an interaction to convey sexual intent. Dave goes on to discuss how to get a girl’s number and follow up with her to set up a date, and how to move things intimately. He also talks about his strategies for meeting women in the nightlife scene, including how to dress, where to go, and who to go with. Finally, we ask Dave how getting better with women is the gateway to success in other aspects of life.

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