The Essentials of Flirting - with Fran Greene

The Essentials of Flirting – with Fran Greene

Guest Introduction:

Fran Greene is a nationally renowned flirting, dating, and relationship coach. She runs a private practice working with singles who want to maximize their social lives, and with couples who want to improve their relationships. Fran is also an accomplished online dating coach, helping singles find their perfect match via the internet. She is the author of “The Flirting Bible: Your Ultimate Photo Guide to Reading Body Language, Getting Noticed, and Meeting More People Than You Ever Thought Possible.”

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Fran begins by discussing what flirting entails. She talks about how to reframe fear of rejection, as well as the importance of faking it until you make it. Fran also offers advice on how to ask the right questions to find out if a woman is single or in a relationship. She then walks us through some of her top flirting tips, including starting conversations, listening, making warm eye contact, and complimenting.

Next, Fran discusses the art of small talk, and explains how to enter into group conversations. We ask her what men can do to convey approachability and attractiveness. She describes preening and gives some common examples. Fran then talks about what men should look for to find out if women are receptive to their advances. She also explains how to get to the next step and exchange contact information.

Finally, Fran offers advice on how men can properly build trust and intimacy in their initial interaction with a woman. She emphasizes the importance of making your flirting partner feel great about themselves. She also encourages people to practice flirting with everyone so that it becomes a part of their personality. Fran concludes with the Flirting Bible’s 10 commandments, as outlined in her book.


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