Chris Luna

Dancing and Seduction – with Chi Szeto

Chi Szeto is a dance instructor and the founder of iDance Academy and Club Dance Lessons. Summary: In this interview, Chi shares tips for dancing well, and for using this skill to meet and attract women. More about Chi Szeto: Website: YouTube: Facebook: The Craft of Charisma podcast is also available at:…
Eric Waisman conversational agility and social intelligence

Conversational Agility and Social Intelligence – with Eric Waisman

Eric Waisman is the founder of Jaunty, a company that teaches communication skills. Through Jaunty, he's worked with companies such as Google, YouTube, Yelp, WeWork, General Assembly, Wired, and Ernst and Young, teaching their employees social and emotional intelligence. Eric is a fourth generation entrepreneur, who left his corporate career with MetLife, Merrill Lynch and…
Life, Purpose and Leadership with Mark Divine

Life, Purpose, and Leadership – with Mark Divine

Mark Divine is a retired Navy SEAL, author of four best selling books, and a world renowned physical, mental, and emotional fitness trainer. Mark's books include: 1. The Way of the SEAL 2. 8 Weeks to SEAL Fit 3. Unbeatable Mind 4. Kokoro Yoga Summary: In this interview, Mark shares important insights for any person…
How to be sexually forward

How to be Sexually Forward with Women – with Jamie Thompson

Jamie Thompson is a Los Angeles based sex and relationship coach. Summary: In this interview, Jamie talks about masculinity, sexuality, what women want from men, and how to be sexually forward with women. More about Jamie: Website: Facebook: Linkedin: Twitter: The Craft of Charisma podcast is also available at:

Body Language – with Allan Pease

Allan Pease is one of the world's top experts on body language and communication. He, along with his co-writer (his wife Barbara) are the authors of 18 best selling books -- ten of which became #1 best sellers. Allan is a highly sought after speaker and consultant who has coached some of the world's most well known…

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