Article on How to pick a Halloween Costume to meet women

How to Pick a Halloween Costume to Meet Women

Halloween is the easiest day of the year to meet women, period. But only if you wear the right costume. Here are 5 tricks that you can use to attract and take home the perfect two legged Halloween treat.

1. Go all out – A lot of guys procrastinate until the last minute, and then throw something together. Or worse, they don’t wear anything at all. It’s idiotic.

Your costume is a natural conversation starter. The more extreme you are, the more you’ll stand out, and more she’ll want to talk to you.

2. Don’t wear a mask – Women want to see your face. It makes them feel safe. This Halloween you might fantasize about dressing like an ax murder, but keep in mind that no girl wants to go home with one.

Dont wear a mask on Halloween

3. Leverage where you can– We all have fantasies that go unfulfilled. As an example, although most women might think about it, they are never going date a movie star, nor have a steamy shower with their hot new priest. But on Halloween, they can for one night.

If you’re smart, you can use this knowledge to leverage this attraction by picking a costume that allows you to role-play a stereotype, personality or celebrity that women already desire.

Hugh Hefner costume

4. Whatever you wear, own it – I had a friend who once dressed up as a sperm. He wiggled around and bumped into gorgeous women, risking that their next pregnancy test might come up positive. There is definitely an art to this, but he got a lot of laughs, and met a lot of women under intriguing circumstances.


5. Have fun – This hood-rat cab driver once told me that if I can make a shorty laugh, I’m guaranteed to hit it. It’s great advice, because a huge part of seduction is energy, and if she’s smiling, it means that your energy is being well-received. Pick a costume that’s crazy, silly, or creative, and she’ll be smiling from the moment she first meets you.

What are you wearing this Halloween? Share your costume ideas below!

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