Creating a Simple and Stylish Wardrobe - with Antonio Centeno

Creating a Simple and Stylish Wardrobe – with Antonio Centeno

Guest Introduction:

Antonio Centeno is a former US Marine turned men’s fashion expert. He is the president of A Tailored Suit and the founder of Real Men Real Style, where he produces content to help men dress professionally & build wardrobes that complement their individual style.

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Antonio begins by discussing why clothing and grooming have such a big impact on the way people perceive us. He explains how what we wear accentuates certain physical traits. Antonio then talks about the most common mistakes that men make with clothing and style. He explains why fit is important, and offers practical tips for finding the right fit and wearing clothes that make us look well-proportioned. He also talks about the association between attraction and symmetry.

Next, we ask Antonio how men with unconventional body types can find the right clothes. He gives examples of classic pieces that always work, and offers a better looking alternative to t-shirts. Antonio also offers his insights on how to figure out what casual style works best for us. He discusses how hair color and skin tone affect the types colors that we should choose with clothing. Antonio then explains how to build out an interchangeable wardrobe. He emphasizes the importance of not overthinking and wearing clothes that we feel confident in.

Finally, Antonio talks about foundational pieces, and how they differ depending on personal taste and where we live. He also offers practical tips on how to select shoes that set us apart. Antonio suggests focusing on creating a few main outfits and then making small adjustments and improvements over time. He explains his process for developing a series of outfits. As a last piece of advice, Antonio recommends looking to our favorite celebrities to get inspiration for choosing our style and outfits.

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