Cultivating a Spartan Body and Mind - with Joe De Sena

Cultivating a Spartan Body and Mind – with Joe De Sena

Guest Introduction:

Joe De Sena is a world-class adventure racer, and the founder and CEO of Spartan Race, the world’s leading obstacle racing company. He is the host of the Spartan Up Podcast, and the executive producer of the NBC’s television show Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge. Joe is also a two-time New York Times Best Selling Author of “Spartan Up!” and “Spartan Fit!”. His newest book, “The Spartan Way,” was just released on September 4th, 2018.

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Joe begins by discussing how his mother’s influence and the rediscovery of health and wellness has affected his life. He walks us through his daily routine, including his workouts and meditation practice. Check out the video below to see his morning workout routine. Joe also talks about the benefits of taking ice cold showers. He explains how manufacturing adversity prepares us to more effectively handle tough situations that arise. We then ask Joe to describe how he meditates, both during his running and when sitting at home. He goes on to discuss his short and long distance running routines.

Next, we ask Joe how building his body and mind has affected other areas of his life. He explains how being in top shape has helped him to create and expand his business. He also emphasizes the importance of stamina, strength, and athleticism, and why all three are needed to achieve a “complete” body. Joe then talks about the role models and mentors in his life, and shares what he’s learned from them. He explains why asking for help is a vital part of reaching your goals. Joe describes his goal setting process, and reveals some of his major goals. He also references a blog called Will It Make The Boat Go Faster, which ties in with his philosophy about goals and success.

Joe then talks about the main idea and purpose of his new book, “The Spartan Way.” He shares a couple of key principles for success as described in the book, including knowing your true north, and making commitments. Finally, Joe discusses the upcoming world championship Spartan Race, which will be held in December 2018 in Iceland. He explains some of the challenges that participants will face, and offers advice on how to train for it. 

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