Healing Emotional Trauma - with Robert Schwenkler

Healing Emotional Trauma – with Robert Schwenkler

Guest Introduction:

Robert Schwenkler is a Warrior of Love, Healer, and Leader in Men’s Work. He is the founder of the Brotherhood Community, an organization dedicated to the development of Integrated Male Leaders – men who embody their power and sensitivity, and who are committed to thriving in all aspect of life. Robert also does individual coaching, where he blends deep coaching, spirituality, and somatic healing to help clients open up emotionally.

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Robert begins by describing a dark time earlier in his life, when he experienced deep emotional pain and depression. He reveals some of the drivers behind this, and explains why it’s important for men to build community. He discusses how men’s groups have enabled him to find greater connection and support and helped him recover.

Robert’s group, The Brotherhood Community, operates under the paradigm of Integrated Male Leadership. He talks about what this means, outlining the qualities of the stereotypical alpha and beta male, and how to integrate the best aspects of both types. Robert then provides a more detailed explanation of emotional trauma, and shares strategies for healing from past trauma.

In the final part of the interview, Chris joins in and describes the four step cognitive process that he works through with his clients. Robert contrasts that with his approach of somatic healing, which starts on a more intuitive, physical level. He discusses how we all carry emotional trauma in our bodies, and how to access it and release it. Chris reinforces Robert’s points by providing examples of when he attended a body work class and a breathing class.


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