Living a Life of Success and Significance - with Aaron Walker

Living a Life of Success and Significance – with Aaron Walker

Guest Introduction:

Aaron Walker has been a business entrepreneur and life coach for nearly 40 years. He is the president and founder of View From the Top, a life and business coaching company that helps men grow in success and significance. He is also the founder of Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind Group. Aaron is the author of the book, “View From The Top: Living a Life of Significance,” and the co-author (with Thomas Schwab) of “The Mastermind Blueprint: Building a Rich Life.”

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Aaron starts by discussing his background and what inspired him to pursue a path in self-development. He shares a story about a traumatic car accident that he was involved in earlier in his life. He describes how this experience affected him, and what he learned on the journey of trying to find resolution. Aaron then talks about how to live a life of both success and significance. He defines his criteria for success, and explains how to find significance by meeting the needs of others.

We ask Aaron what the first steps would be for people on the journey of figuring themselves out. He talks about taking a personal assessment of your identity, ideals, and relationships. He emphasizes the importance of mastermind groups and surrounding yourself with trusted advisers. Aaron also explains why focusing on a bigger purpose is the key to sustaining long-term motivation. He then offers advice on how to build mentor relationships. He also touches on a new book about mentorship that he’s writing with Seth Buechley.

Next, Aaron expands on what he calls the “18/30/60 Rule.” He talks about how to develop a growth mindset, and references the book “Mindset” by Carol Dweck. Aaron then discusses what he attributes his early successes to. We ask him how he gained the clarity to know what he should be working on each day. Aaron talks about the role that faith plays in his life. He also explains why it’s important to narrow your focus. He describes how he prioritizes and establishes boundaries in his life in order to nurture his relationship with his family.

Aaron goes on to discuss his relationship with his wife. He talks about the importance of communication, and explains how he learned to express his emotions through both life experience and mastermind groups. We ask Aaron why he chose his wife as his life partner, what stood out to him about her, and what has surprised him the most on this journey. Finally, Aaron explains the benefits of mastermind groups and how they work. He also talks about what made him decide to write his book, and what people might learn from reading it.

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