Releasing Trauma and Grounding Yourself - with Elliott Hulse

Releasing Trauma and Grounding Yourself – with Elliott Hulse

Guest Introduction:

Elliott Hulse is an internationally renowned strength & conditioning coach, strongman, author, social media celebrity, mentor, holistic life coach, and inspiration to millions. Elliott is the founder and CEO of Strength Camp and Grounding Camp, and is the author of the book, “KING: The Four Layer Approach To Becoming The Strongest Version Of Yourself.”

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Elliott starts by discussing how he got into strength and conditioning coaching. He talks about his greatest teachers and mentors, including his uncle and his father, and shares the most important lessons that he learned from them. Elliott goes on to describe the connection between the mind and the body. He explains how emotional pain and trauma manifest in our bodies. We ask him how he sees traumas carried in both himself and his clients.

Next, Elliott shares his knowledge about bioenergetic analysis and discusses its origins. He explains what muscular armory is, and outlines the seven main bands of muscular tension that people develop. He also discusses how tension affects our breathing, and reveals some physical symptoms of muscular armory. Elliott then talks about how deep breathing exercises release tension and can bring up a variety of intense emotions. He emphasizes the importance of expressing and having an objective view of our emotions.

Elliott then explains how confronting trapped emotions purges our demons, and how doing so allows us to become our true selves. He reveals common signs of trapped emotions. He then offers strategies to first become aware of and then confront them physically. Elliott goes on to discuss the ego and what a healthy ego-self axis entails. He also talks about thoughts, including where they originate from, how they undermine us, and how to observe them objectively.

Elliot goes more in depth on Bioenergetic Grounding. He explains why it’s more effective than modern meditation and confronts the struggles of life on a deeper level. He then gives some examples of how angels and demons invade the body. Lastly, Elliott describes his meditation practices, as well as the purpose and benefits of meditation. As a final insight, he emphasizes that charisma is spontaneous, and naturally becomes a part of who we are when we clear emotional blocks and let our real selves shine.

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