Mental Fortitude and True Confidence - with Ed Latimore

Mental Fortitude and True Confidence – with Ed Latimore

Guest Introduction:

Ed Latimore is a former heavyweight boxer, physics major, writer, and speaker. Drawing from his unique life experiences, Ed blogs about self-improvement and shares the methods and strategies he used to turn his life around. He is also the author of several books, including “Not Caring What Other People Think Is a Super Power: Insights From A Heavyweight Boxer,” and a new book called “Sober Letters to My Drunk Self,” which will be dropping on December 23rd.

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Ed first talks about his background and the struggles he faced earlier in his life, and what inspired him to start making changes. He discusses how he tapped into his vision of becoming an accomplished man. He also expands on the idea of wanting to feel in control of himself and his life. Chris then talks about how competency and health leads to a greater sense of control. Ed agrees, and stresses the importance of cultivating general life skills and physical and mental fortitude.

Next, Ed and Chris talk about having regrets and wishing they did things differently. Ed explains why dealing with struggle is actually better for our personal growth than having things go well. He also reveals what holds a lot of young men back, and discusses the idea of delaying gratification in order to achieve long-term success. Chris talks about past relationships not working out because he didn’t have other aspects of his life together. Ed then explains how financial stability affects the types of relationships we can pursue.

Finally, Ed and Chris describe how overcoming challenges leads to the wisdom that they use for the basis of their work. Ed talks about his struggles with overcoming negative habits, quitting drinking, and his mission in talking about sobriety. He explains how true confidence comes from having competency and mastery. Ed and Chris also talk about the importance of being honest and congruent with ourselves and communicating that to others. They emphasize the importance of taking risks, making mistakes, and learning.

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