Awareness, Vulnerability, and Deep Intimacy - with Christopher Sunyata

Awareness, Vulnerability, and Deep Intimacy – with Christopher Sunyata

Guest Introduction:

Christopher Sunyata coaches people how to lean into intensity while still remaining open and relaxed no matter how challenging life gets, expanding their success at work into success with family and intimate relationships. Drawing upon decades of practice and study under masters of yoga, Taoist exercises, and Buddhist meditation, Christopher teaches us how to access our own depth by learning to listen to and trust our body, reclaiming our passion and life energy, and creating intimate relationships that deepen in love and chemistry over the years.

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Christopher starts by discussing his background and how he got into the work that he does. He talks about coming to the realization that he was contributing to a lot of dysfunction in his relationship. Christopher also shares his experience studying under David Deida, and explains how he used yoga and breathwork to reconnect with his body and increase intimacy in his relationship. He then recounts a traumatic event he went through as a child, and describes how he carried this trauma in his body and breath for years later.

Christopher explains how he released his trauma through yoga and meditation. He goes into more detail on specific practices, including hatha yoga and holotropic breathing, and Chris describes his experience at a holotropic breathing class. He also expands on the idea of heart intelligence and how breathwork helps us access it. Christopher then talks about suppressing emotions, and how men’s groups provide a trusting environment for us to express our emotions and release trauma. We ask him how his transformation has affected his relationships.

Next, Christopher discusses how the inner work and meditation practices helped him through the divorce process with his first wife and helped him overcome depression. He also describes how his life has been better than ever since meeting a new woman and getting remarried. Chris then talks about how men’s work has given him a broader vocabulary to express his emotions and understand other people’s emotions. Christopher goes on to explain how inner work affects intimacy. He discusses the potential for spiritual realization through sexuality.

Christopher then explains how men can develop multi-orgasmic capacity. He discusses how to experience greater pleasure during sex by peeling away the ego, increasing awareness, and surrendering to vulnerability. He also offers strategies and resources for men who want to build deeper connection and intimacy. Finally, Christopher expands on the idea of looking at your partner as a mirror. He talks about how to guide a woman through authentic pleasure. He offers some last insights on how to connect more deeply with ourselves, our life force, and our partner.

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