What women want from men - Craft of Charisma podcast with Adam LoDolce

What Women Want from Men – with Adam LoDolce

Adam LoDolce is motivational speaker who has spoken at over 100 colleges, to over 50K people. He is an MTV Made dating coach, who helped a shy guy get a girlfriend in under 3 weeks. As a dating coach, he coaches for both men and women. He is also the author of the book “Being Alone Sucks!: How to build self-esteem, confidence and social freedom to transform your dating and social life.”

In this interview we ask Adam:

1. What perspectives & insights have you gotten from being a dating coach for both men and women?

2. What are the most common complaints that women have about men?

3. Are most of the people you’re coaching looking for relationships?

4. What are the major differences between coaching men and women?

5. What do women find most attractive in men?

6. Women say they don’t want to date a pussy, but what does that mean?

7. What are your thoughts on being a challenge and gaining investment?

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