Finding Your Soulmate - with Anthony Recenello

Finding Your Soulmate – with Anthony Recenello

Guest Introduction:

Anthony Recenello is a New York Times featured social and dating expert, and the founder of Wolf and Garden, a company that helps successful men become iconic bachelors and meet their soulmates.

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Anthony begins by revealing some of the common issues that come up with his clients. He explains how most social and dating problems are manifestations of fears and insecurities. He then discusses how he started out teaching social skills to children and discipline to parents. Anthony describes what effective discipline entails. He talks about how childhood discipline carries over to our adult lives. He also discusses the differences between those who know how to deal with their emotions, and those who don’t.

Anthony goes more in depth on controlling and mastering emotions. As an example, he walks us through the process he would use if he wanted to feel happy. We then ask Anthony where a guy should start if he has little or no dating experience. He talks about the importance of cultivating happiness, health, and success, and offers practical advice in each of these three areas. He also explains how quality women will naturally come into your life when you’re happy, healthy, and successful.

Next, we ask Anthony how a man should approach a woman and start a conversation. He emphasizes why men should focus on assessing if someone is a good fit for them, rather than building attraction. Anthony describes the mindset of men who are successful with women. He also explains why treating a woman like a friend is the key to developing a deeper romantic connection. Anthony talks about being honest in expressing your interest in a woman. Chris then discusses context and developing social and emotional intelligence to recognize when a woman is and isn’t interested.

Anthony goes on to discuss why dating issues are usually a sign that you’re pursuing the wrong people. He emphasizes the importance of figuring out who you like and who you connect with. Anthony then describes how he works with his clients to develop an archetype of their ideal woman. Finally, he shares his insights on overcoming neediness. Anthony explains how giving is the key to healthy relationships and love. He also reiterates that we naturally become more attractive by being in control of our emotions and focusing on our values.

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