The Life of an Endurance Runner - with Matt Fitzgerald

The Life of an Endurance Runner – with Matt Fitzgerald

Guest Introduction:

Matt Fitzgerald is an endurance coach, sports nutritionist, and bestselling author of more than 20 books, including “The Endurance Diet,” and “80/20 Triathlon.” Matt has been a runner since age 11, and today he’s going to share the wisdom that he’s gained through his personal experience, and from studying the world’s best athletes.

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Matt begins by talking about his love for running and writing, and how he combined these passions into a meaningful career. He explains how he learned to trust his intuition and follow his bliss. We ask Matt where he uses his intuition in other areas of his life. He discusses his marriage, and shares the story about how he met his wife, and how their relationship evolved over time. Matt also reveals the most important lessons that he’s learned from his experience in endurance sports. He explains how running has helped him develop a higher level of mental toughness and resilience.

Matt then discusses how he overcame intense anxiety before races. He offers advice for people who want to get into endurance athletics. He also reveals common mistakes that people make when first getting started, and gives examples of external motivators that might hold people back. Matt goes on to talk about the educational and social components of competitive racing. He describes the differences between recreational and elite athletes. He also emphasizes the importance of choosing advisors carefully, and talks about some more training myths and mistakes.

Next, Matt explains what professional athletes do consistently well. He talks about balancing mental toughness with self-trust and good judgement. He also describes his experience living and training with a group of professional runners last summer, and shares some of their motivators. Matt then goes into detail on their training and workout routines, as well as their daily schedules. He discusses what they eat, and gives some examples of their typical meals. He shares his thoughts on the benefits and drawbacks of different diets, and offers advice on how to determine our optimal diet.

Finally, Matt describes how he works with his clients to develop sustainable diets by making small changes. Chris talks about using intuition to listen to our body, as well as how his cravings change depending on how in or out of shape he is. Matt then discusses some of the rehab strategies that elite athletes use. He references his recent injuries and explains what he did to recover. He also talks about common stretches and warm up routines that athletes do before workouts. Matt leaves us with his thoughts on the importance of mentorship and coaching, and how to find the right people.

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