Developing a Naturally Attractive Personality with Shogo Garcia

Developing a Naturally Attractive Personality – with Shogo Garcia

Guest Introduction:

Shogo Garcia is the founder of The Social Generation. He is a dating coach, writer, and speaker, who guides men towards developing natural attractive personalities through personal awareness and confident self-expression.

Interview Summary:

In this episode, Shogo starts out by stressing the importance of having passions in life and believing in yourself. He references his own personal story to show how spending time on meaningful and enjoyable things will give you more to talk about, and enhance your natural charm and charisma. He offers some tips that listeners can use to start shifting their lives in the direction of their passions.

Shogo then shares some great advice on how guys can have better conversations and build deeper connections with women. He explains how to be more present in an interaction, let go of expectations, and develop conversational flow. He also talks about how guys can take pressure off of themselves and make socializing seem more fun. Shogo then walks us through a mindfulness exercise to be more present and avoid falling into the mental traps of past-thinking and future-thinking.

Finally, Shogo offers strategies for avoiding the friend zone, asking a woman on a date, and expressing sexual interest. He emphasizes the importance of timing and social intuition, so that guys can figure out when and how to express interest in an appropriate way.

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