Discovering and Speaking Your Truth - with Philip McKernan

Discovering and Speaking Your Truth – with Philip McKernan

Guest Introduction:

Philip McKernan is an inspirational speaker, writer, and filmmaker. He works with entrepreneurs and business leaders all over the world who seek clarity about their future and want to move through roadblocks. Philip is the creator of the documentary, “Give & Grow,” which explores how the gift of giving makes us feel more worthy and alive. He is also the author of several books, including “Dead Man Walking” and “Rich on Paper Poor on Life.” He has a new book called, “One Last Talk: Why Your Truth Matters and How to Speak It,” which will be released on November 6th, 2018.

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Philip starts by talking about how pain inspired him to get into the work that he does. He reveals the tipping point that finally pushed him to make a change, and describes how intuition guided him down this new career path. Philip discusses the common types of problems that come up in his workshops. He walks us through his approach for dealing with underlying problems such as low self-esteem, loneliness, and anger. He explains how he helps people realize their problems, understand them, and then make adjustments to course-correct.

We ask Philip how his work impacts the lives of his clients. He talks about bridging the past with the present, taking ownership of our lives, and understanding our gifts vs. our talents. Philip describes how the process of becoming more authentic is ongoing throughout our lives. We then ask him how his human experience has affected and influenced his work. Philip also reveals some of the personal issues he’s worked through, and what made him decide to go to therapy. He explains why we all have a moral obligation to seek help and deal with our issues.

Philip discusses how going through therapy affected and changed him. He expands on the idea of self-compassion by sharing a story about a man who attended one of his workshops. He explains how our self-talk influences the course of our lives. Philip also reveals one of the most impactful moments that he’s had with a client. We then shift gears and ask him to discuss the main idea behind his first book, “Dead Man Walking.” He talks about mindset vs. soulset, as well as leaning into our souls and following our intuition.

Next, Philip discusses how success can trap us, and what we can do to get out of it. He provides some examples of how people often over-identify with the things that they do. He then goes more in depth on the concepts of mindset and soulset. Philip goes on to talk about his second book, “Rich on Paper Poor on Life,” and explains how people can recognize if they’re suffering. We ask him to discuss what he did to get to the point where he feels at peace with himself. He talks about the importance of letting go of things that aren’t serving you, and taking action in the absence of clarity.

Finally, Philip discusses his upcoming book, “One Last Talk,” including where he got the idea for it, and what he came away with after writing it. He describes the concept of One Last Talk, and explains how sharing your truth can be very cathartic and therapeutic. Philip summarizes one of the most meaningful and profound speeches that he’s heard from the One Last Talk participants. He then talks about how discovering his truth has affected his life and his health. He offers advice for people looking to discover their truth.

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