Embracing Fear and Struggle - with Akshay Nanavati

Embracing Fear and Struggle – with Akshay Nanavati

Guest Introduction:

Akshay Nanavati is a Marine Corps Veteran, speaker, adventurer, entrepreneur and writer. He is also a success coach at Human Potential Development, and the owner and founder of Amara Adventures. Akshay is the author of the book, “Fearvana: The Revolutionary Science of How to Turn Fear into Health, Wealth and Happiness.”

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Akshay first shares his background, from suffering with drug addiction in his teens, to serving in the military, to dealing with PTSD, alcoholism, and depression after returning home, and finally overcoming those struggles and creating Fearvana. He talks about what inspired him to join the military, as well as some of the lessons that he learned while serving. We ask Akshay how people can take these lessons from war and apply them to their ordinary lives. He also explains how being grateful for suffering leads to growth and empathy.

Chris talks about how some of the biggest traumas have allowed him to build the deepest connections. Akshay describes his process for fully experiencing the depth of different emotions. He then goes into more detail about his struggles after the military, including alcoholism, PTSD, and going through a divorce. He talks about how his alcohol addiction developed, took a toll on his life, and nearly pushed him to commit suicide. Akshay also describes how PTSD affected him, and how he overcame it. He acknowledges his intensity, and talks about how he embraces it and thrives on it.

Next, we ask Akshay to discuss what drives him. He shares his long-term vision, which involves helping people navigate struggle and live a life of boundless bliss. He also talks about how gaining clarity has affected his day to day life and how he feels. Akshay describes the two different types of challenges: ones we purposely seek out for growth, and ones that life throws our way. He offers constructive ways to deal with challenges, including exercising awareness, and using obsession to let your life path consume you.

Akshay then explains why it’s important to embrace fear, struggle, and adversity. He discusses how taking this approach has changed his life. He goes on to explain how people can leverage negative emotions or situations and use them to their benefit. We ask Akshay how people can feel more alive and increase their sense of happiness and abundance. He talks about how struggle cultivates confidence. He also emphasizes the importance of exercising and eating healthy, and makes some practical recommendations.

Next, Akshay discusses how people can gain clarity and direction in their lives, and discover their worthy struggle. He explains how to work backwards from the lifestyle that you want to create. He also talks about how mentorship plays into his life, and offers advice on finding great mentors. Akshay then describes how to shatter self-imposed limitations and achieve extraordinary goals. He talks about how commitment is the key to success, and leads to the development of courage, capabilities, and confidence.

Finally, Chris talks about using 90-day goals, and asks Akshay to expand on his process of setting and achieving goals. Akshay provides effective strategies for breaking destructive habits and replacing them with more beneficial habits. He also explains how to enhance productivity and accomplish greater results in less time. As a last piece of advice, Akshay reiterates that one of the most important life skills is to develop a positive relationship with struggle.

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