How to challenge women

How to Be a Challenge to Women

In social situations, young, attractive women have more power than men.

Consider this: An attractive woman has men constantly vying for her attention. She can’t leave the house without men complimenting her, asking her on dates, or making cheesy attempts to flirt with her. Attractive women walk through the world with ease because they know that, no matter what happens, they’ll be taken care of.

How can a normal guy compete for these types of women?

It’s certainly true that unless you’re a wealthy celebrity, following the same strategies as every other guy (flattery and gifts) is unlikely to lead to success. You’ll blend in with the crowd of men hoping to grab her attention. But if most other guys stick to the same poor strategies, doesn’t that present you with an opportunity?

If you can be the guy who stands out from the crowd of male compliments and gifts, the kind of guy who only comes along once in a while, then she will see you as rare and valuable. This is because attractive women crave authentic human interaction, and it’s rare that they can speak to a man without him trying to gain her approval. A lot of the men she meets will put her on a pedestal and try to impress her.

If you can speak to her as an equal without giving up your intention to seduce her, then you will immediately stand out as different, and attractive. Attractive women are so used to guys putting them on pedestals that simply acting normal comes across as a challenge. By being a challenge, you set yourself apart from everyone else trying to court her.

Once you understand that, to an attractive woman, cool guys are SCARCE, then dating beautiful women becomes easier than dating average-looking girls, because you’re one of the few men who can talk to attractive women without acting like a wuss.

Learning how to relate to attractive women, if you don’t have a lot of experience with them, is difficult to master, but we can show you how. That’s why we run our introductory dating workshops. In these classes, we break down the steps of communicating with attractive women in a challenging and masculine way.

The men who are the most natural with women don’t have to spend much time thinking about their dating lives. Once you have this down, your dating life will become quite literally an afterthought.

Chris Luna

Founder, CEO, and Head Dating & Life Coach @ Craft of Charisma dating and relationship coaching.

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