Living a More Honest Life - with Dan Munro

Living a More Honest Life – with Dan Munro

Guest Introduction:

Dan Munro is a confidence coach, the director of The Inspirational Lifestyle, and the founder of BROJO, a community focused on developing confident, authentic and valuable people. He is also the author of two books: “Nothing to Lose,” and the #1 bestseller, “The Legendary Life.”

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Dan begins by sharing his personal journey of overcoming people-pleasing and approval-seeking behavior. He references Dr. Robert Glover’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy” as the book that ultimately pushed him to change. Dan talks about how he used to live with chronic stress, anxiety, and guilt, which came from a lack of integrity. Chris then discusses how he uses mindfulness to be more present and avoid getting stuck in the past or future. Dan also describes how living more honestly has helped him become more spontaneous and less scripted.

Dan talks about nice guy syndrome, which we cover in more depth in this podcast with Dr. Gloverand how he became more aware of the ways that he interacted with people. Dan and Chris discuss the vulnerability associated with being more authentic and spontaneous. They also emphasize the importance of accepting ourselves, resolving internal conflicts, and letting go of expectations. Dan then explains how using strategy to get an outcome causes us to sacrific honesty. He offers advice on how to become less attached to outcome and rejection. Chris also reveals some common sources of fear of judgment and rejection.

Finally, we ask Dan for practical ways that people can develop the skills to live a fuller, more honest life. He explains how to choose honest expression and do it in a controlled way. Dan then shares a couple of examples of how he did this in his personal life. Chris talks about healthy levels of validation, and how too much outcome independence leads to the inability to connect. Dan expands on the balance between being authentic and seeking validation. He also discusses how our communication with others should be guided by three principles: honesty, respect, and curiosity.

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