Using NLP for Personal Transformation - with Mark Andreas

Using NLP for Personal Transformation – with Mark Andreas

Guest Introduction:

Mark Andreas teaches NLP for the NLP Practitioner Program, for Redrocks Community College, and for private sponsors in many locations. He also has a Personal Change private practice in Boulder CO, where he assists people in achieving life goals and resolving limitations using NLP, Core Transformation, Metaphors of Movement, and other methods for personal transformation and development. Mark’s past experience includes having worked in wilderness therapy as a counselor and trip-leader for the Monarch Center for Family Healing where he was in charge of facilitating groups of “troubled” youth. He is also the author of 2 books, including, “Sweet Fruit From The Bitter Tree: 61 Stories of Creative and Compassionate Ways out of Conflict,” and “Waltzing with Wolverines: Finding connection and Cooperation with Troubled Teens.”

Interview Summary:

In this interview, Mark first discusses his journey into NLP, and describes what NLP is and how it works. He provides an example showing how people can have drastically different interpretations of the same experience. We ask Mark how people can change their internal dialogue. He outlines the two sectors of NLP: the one that improves our communication with others, and the one that improves our communication with ourselves. He then walks us through an exercise that reveals the two ways that we remember things.

Mark talks about how to teach someone to change their internal perspective. He explains the different approaches he would take with someone suffering from a phobia or PTSD, versus someone dealing with grief. We ask him to go through the other core components of NLP, and he reveals some tools for improving communication with others. Mark explains what presuppositional language is, and demonstrates how to use it. He also discusses how this concept applies to people’s internal dialogues. Mark then explains why using positive affirmations is a bad strategy for personal change. He reveals the underlying presupposition of NLP: that every aspect of our experience is there for some positive purpose.

Next, Mark walks us through another exercise to demonstrate how to reframe situations. He uses an example of a man worried about why women won’t like him, and explains how to change our self-talk from an inner critic to an inner ally. We then shift to the topic of body language, and Mark talks about mirroring and gives an example of an exercise he does in his classes. He offers a good tip to see how in sync you are with someone in an interaction. We also ask Mark what to do if the other person reacts in a way that makes you start to shut down. He recommends doing inner work, and using mirroring to keep a disagreement from escalating.

Mark then discusses some other tools that he uses in his practice. He describes Core Transformation, a personal growth process developed by his mother, and gives a case study of working with a client to overcome a traumatic experience. He also talks about Metaphors of Movement, developed by Andrew T. Austin, and explains how to use it to get out of stuck states and push through obstacles. Finally, we ask Mark for tips on how to get out of a rut and move past emotional limitations. He discusses using different NLP tools to work through inner thoughts and feelings, clear objections, and change your beliefs.

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