Dating for Shy Men - Craft of Charisma Podcast with Justin Stenstrom

Dating for Shy Men – with Justin Stenstrom

Justin Stenstrom is a Boston based dating coach who focuses on dating for shy men. He is the author of the book “Giving Shy Guys Game,” available on Amazon, and an e-book titled “7 Secrets of Approaching Women During the Day.”

Interview Summary:

Justin often describes himself as a guy who was once shy and lonely. We ask him what this was like, and how his life has changed since then. Justin walks us through the process he used for overcoming his shyness and transforming his social and dating life, and offers advice for men just starting out on this journey.

Justin goes on to discuss actionable tools that men can use to speed up their progress, including goal setting, self-hypnosis, and visualization. He gives some examples of how both he and his clients have benefited from applying these concepts.

We then ask Justin for tips on how to quickly get comfortable in new social situations, how men should approach women that they’re attracted to, and what they should say to start and keep a conversation going. He also talks about the importance of having good body language and eye contact. Finally, we ask Justin about an idea that he calls “pretend to be great,” and how guys can use this to become more confident and improve their social interactions.

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