Dating for Shy Men - Craft of Charisma Podcast with Justin Stenstrom

Dating for Shy Men – with Justin Stenstrom

Justin Stenstrom is a Boston based dating coach, who focuses on dating for shy men. He’s the author of “Giving Shy Guys Game,” available on Amazon, and an ebook titled “7 Secrets of Approaching Women During the Day.”

In this episode we ask Justin:

1. You often describe yourself as a guy who was once shy and lonely. Can you explain what this was like? How has your life changed since then?

2. How did you make this change? What was your process, and how long did it take?

3. If a man is still early in this journey, where should he start?

4. You’re a big advocate of goal setting. How can men use goal setting to improve with women?

5. You have some interesting thoughts on the benefits of hypnosis and visualization. Can you talk about how you and your clients have benefited from these tools?

6. If a guy is shy and wants to date more, what are his biggest challenges, and how does he overcome them?

7. Are there any specific things that you do, or teach, to quickly get comfortable in a new social situation?

8. If a man sees a woman that he’s attracted to, how should he approach her? What should he say?

9. You talk a lot about body language and eye contact. Why is this important, and how does a man communicate the right body language and eye contact with a woman?

10. Finally, I want to ask you about an idea that you call “pretend to be great.” Can you explain what this is, and how our listeners can use this concept?

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